Organic herbs of premium quality, hand gathered and dried naturally so that they preserve their goodness and freshness. Processed and selected by us so that whole leafs are obtained and only the best reaches you. Each herb on its own, in a chaste and beautiful box, pure and simple, for a memorable brewing experience.


Strong aromas of beloved plants. Sage, Pennyroyal and Lemon Balm are only the first products in our range of herbal infusions. Soon Lavender, Greek Thyme and Fennel will follow. All cultivated in organic farms by Laconian Herb Society.


Necessary herbs for any household, they will add taste and aroma to your brew while helping your body and mind.


On the packaging the design shows a woman’s hand that holds a teapot and delicately serves a cup laid on the ground. It is so simple. Out of our fields and into your cup. This is Laconian Herb Society.


The containers are made of recycled paper tubes which allow you to easily get the amount you need. On all of our products you will find the name of the field and the harvest date so that you always know the origin and freshness of our herbs.


This is SageSage

This is Lemon BalmLemon Balm

This is PennyroyalPennyroyal


LHS PhraseNecessary herbs for any household, they will add taste and aroma to your brew while helping your body and mind

About us

We are a Society, contemporary people, dedicated to establishing a strong community of organic Herb Farmers in Laconia, connected by their love and enthusiasm for Aromatic and Medicinal plants and bound by one preserve the magic of nature while building a new ethical trade story.

We cultivate Herbs. We start by planting the seed and go all the way to sealing the product.Harvesting, drying, separation, selection, distillation and packaging are all performed in our fully facilitated and certified processing plant in Monemvasia, Laconia.

Why Choose us

Our herbs grow in farms that have only recently been revived. They are all located at a safe distance from areas of intense farming and many of them are even within Natura 2000 network of protected areas. Their soil is pure and fertile since it has rested for many years and of course it goes without saying that all of our farms are certified organic under EU legislation.

We strive to produce quality herbs. We believe that this can be achieved only by caring for each and every plant individually. It means in other words executing most of our cultivating activities -like weeding or harvesting- by hand. Our herbs are “handmade” and this is why they only come in small batches.

We want you to know where our herbs are cultivated. That’s why in every product of LHS you will find the name of the farm that they grew and the season they were harvested. We are transparent and invite you to become our guest in Laconia so that you can visit the places where our aromas and flavors are born.

Laconian Herb Society

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